Investing is a smart way to ensure a good retirement or just watch your assets/money grow over time. Knowing where to place your money can make a difference of 2% or 6% return. Ready to invest or just need some guidance where to start? Contact us today.

Calculating Risk and Reward

One of the most important aspects of an investment is the idea of “risk vs reward.” For example, if you’re investing in a stock, what’s the risk the stock will drop in value and you’ll need to sell for a loss? On the other hand, what’s the potential reward if the stock rises in value? You need to ensure that you’re not risking too much with any transaction, however, you also need to ensure that the potential reward is worth pursuing. Here at A & N, we help you analyze investments, understand the potential risk and reward, then make an educated decision. Since ongoing investments are necessary for growth, we’ll work with you on a consistent basis.

Investment Opportunities

The other major aspect of investing is actually finding something to invest in. There’s a nearly endless list of possible investment opportunities out there for you, but which one is best for you and helps you achieve your goals? A good place to start would be to determine whether you’re interested in short or long-term investments. Short-term investments like money markets, savings accounts, or certificates of deposit will see returns within a year and are usually considered “liquid,” meaning the money can be transferred easily and it’s readily accessible. Long-term investments like stocks and index funds usually take longer than a year and are not liquid, meaning your money is typically locked down until the period expires.

How We Can Help

At this point, you may be wondering, “where do I even begin?” This is where A & N comes in. Instead of navigating the complex and ever-changing world of investments by yourself, we help you get started and help you manage your investments throughout the whole process. Before getting started, we’ll consult with you to understand your goals and your risk tolerance level. Then we’ll help you locate the best investments for your situation and your goals. Contact us today to get started.